"On an Average, People spend around 8 years of our lifetime in shopping" – Reports Dailymail. This statistics seems to be true not just with offline shopping, but online too. No matter if it’s just paying your phone / utility bill, booking a flight/movie ticket or ordering some grocery / food – It takes lot of our time that involves a basic search, adding items to cart , shipment details and then entering payment details followed by bank transaction.

To simplify eCommerce to some level, there are a bunch of apps available each for recharging phone, ordering grocery, booking movie, booking bus, train and so on. But how many apps could our phone handle to share its resources?  Also, being too busy with work, there are plenty of times where we have missed to book a flight/Bus ticket or bring grocery to our home.

"We realized the need to simply eCommerce to its peak by offering anything you need just by pinging on your whatsapp with absolutely no signin's and no bank / card transactions - And yes, you don’t need to install any app for this " said the founder Ameen Sayeed in a recent press interaction.

Started with a team of IIM aluminis and technology entrepreneurs, BusyOrders provides simple and interactive Whatsapp based artificial intelligence solution to order things like grocery , food, booking a cab/ train/ bus/ movie Recharging or paying your phone or utlity bills, applying loan , insurance , etc

Busyorders provides a one stop whatsapp based platform for all your online shopping needs. All you need to is just ping us on whatsapp and we will handle the rest to make sure it delivers you at the right time. With BusyOrders.com , All the online ecommerce platforms  are summing up together to provide the simplest ecommerce experience you could ever have.

Ameen further added "We have made ecommerce simple that you just need to ping on whatsapp to order anything. And believe me, its pretty easy than if you had an Alladin’s magic lamp (that requires you to rub the lamp for the genie to come out)"

BusyOrders provide’s the world’s most simplest way to order anything from mobile recharge to get the laundry done. The entire process is wallet based and involves no bank / card transactions for the user.

BusyOrders.com is a co venture of waferlabs and headed by Ameen Sayeed – CEO of Waferlabs Embedded Technologies Private Ltd. Ameen is backed with a team of IIM alumini’s and ex employees of  few ecommerce gaints.

How it works:

There is a one time simple user registration followed by adding cash to wallet using a secured payment gateway with bank level security. The user can recharge his busyorder wallet anytime by loging into the website.

To place any order or request, registered user just needs to send a simple Whatsapp message to a dedicated number provided to him after account approval. With the help of trained operators and a set of automated framework, the best deal if found for the order and the order amount is conformed with the user.

One the user conforms the order, the order amount will be deducted from his wallet and the order will be placed with the vendor.