Use WhatsNewLocal.com to share what’s new with you. Here are just some examples of ways to use WhatsNewLocal.com:

•     Businesses looking to share their coupons and promotions
•     Artists who want to gain exposure and sell their work
•     Bloggers who want to connect with their local community
•     New to town and looking for a roommate
•     Clearing out your basement to sell items and earn extra cash
•     Get the word out about your upcoming event
•     Announce a personal achievement, marriage, death, or military accomplishment
•     Share your creativity by syncing your podcast, blog, stories, poems or prose
•     Barter for goods and services with your neighbors
•     Let your community know what goods and services you’re looking for
•     Realtors sharing their latest real estate listings
•     Helping lost pets and adoptable pets find their forever homes
•     Letting your community know your non-profit or organization is in need of volunteers