Press Release

Livingston County MI, March 4 2013.  Partnership between two local companies launch Augmented Reality Magazine for Parents.  Interactive AR content helps parent’s access online mobile information from static print.

WhaZop Interactive Marketing (www.whazop.com ) and Livingston Parent Journal (livingstonparentjournal.com) team up to supply parents with an interactive, multi-media Augmented Reality (AR) full-feature magazine linking online content to static print ads.

Parent can expect to capture camp guides, online registration forms, and new ways to purchase products and services for their little ones. Using mobile, parents can save time and energy when scanning the pages to gain necessary data which is specifically relevant to the print ads and articles featured.  Hunting down websites and online content is what WhaZop™ is doing to save parents time and efficiently organize advertiser’s online content material to add value and revenue to their bottom-line.  

The two companies are combining efforts to re-introduce Augmented Reality (AR) in a practical way by resourcing its 3D images to visually enhance print content.  3D images will link to: video, website content, social media and e-commerce where parents can expect to purchase items, socialize and gain value added online content.  The goal for the partnership is to demonstrate the power of AR and express the importance of connecting print to online mobile content.  In addition the two companies plan to show advertisers the added value benefits to engaging digital readers.

Future journal issues will feature scavenger hunts, prizes, and community education on how to use 3D images and features such as AR RSS feeds and more.  The Livingston Parent Journal plans to partner with WhaZop over the course of a year demonstrating the power of AR advertising in Livingston County, Michigan and the receptive behavior of consumers.

About WhaZop Interactive Marketing (WhaZop™)

WhaZop ™ is the first company in Michigan to offer mobile Augmented Reality (AR) as a solution for advertising and marketing publications.  WhaZop ™ specializes in custom designing 3D image icons, recognizable to consumers and capable of featuring online mobile content, social media interaction and e-commerce.  Unlike QR codes, the 3D images are specific to connecting consumers to multiple links within a single ad.     WhaZop ™ plans to enhance its “click actions” in full feature catalogs throughout Michigan helping businesses become more organized online, and bridging the gap between mobile and traditional reading.   WhaZop ™ plans to diversify Augmented Reality (AR) for not only single ad use, which is how AR is used most, but set a new standard in the world of AR capturing the attention of publications, magazines and print ad subscriptions.  

About The Livingston Parent Journal

Livingston County's premiere parenting publication is an independent, locally owned and operated business. We help parents keep in touch with what's happening in Livingston County: Resources, Parenting Tips, and Events for the whole family.  The Livingston Parent Journal is FREE and offers its journal at nearly 300 location in Livingston County, including mot schools, daycares, sports facilities, coffee shops, and child related retailers.  Livingston County’s Journal is a monthly family magazine and captures worthwhile information to parents featuring articles on topics relevant to raising children of all ages.