Whealthcare Planning LLC is a financial technology company jointly owned by Cogniscient and CMCC Ventures Media, LLC. The company’s mission is to develop innovative, cloud-based applications that help to protect older adults and their families and enable them to make the best possible financial decisions.

We offer the industry's only health and elder care financial planning platform. Our Whealthcare Planning platform was developed in close cooperation with thought leaders in wealth management, psychiatry, health care and geriatrics, including Carolyn McClanahan, Director of Life Planning Partners and co-founder of Whealthcare Planning LLC. Some of the tools and training materials, including checklists and conversation scripts, were developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital. The Whealthcare Risk Profile tool is based in part on a study that was conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital entitled “Cognitive Function as a Proxy of Financial Decision Making in Older Primary Care Adults”, which examined the relationship among aging, cognitive impairment, and financial decision-making.

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