About WheelsTV
WheelsTV ( is the first multi-platform television network in the U.S. devoted exclusively to consumers’ interests in cars, trucks and motorcycles—serving both the enthusiast and motoring public with a wide spectrum of vehicle-based entertainment, news and information. WheelsTV creates and distributes exclusive, original content and patent-pending products including Top 200 Test Drives, 1:00 on One Vehicle Profiles, WTV Buyers’ Guides, and America’s Car Show Car Care Tips; providing the optimal consumer experience to its distribution partners including AOL, Chrome Systems, MSN, Charter Cable, Comcast, VEHIX, Autotrader, Cablevision, Walmart and Quebecor.
WheelsTV is a program service of Automotive Networks Corporation, headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts.

For additional information, please contact Lehel Reeves at, 978-264-4333.