About the company:
After winning the UKTI's Sirius Programme, Whichit relocated from Tel-Aviv Israel to London en 2014. In 2015 Whichit won 'Start-up of the Year EMEA' by Facebook, the Innovate UK R&D funding award and the People's Choice Award at Pitch@Palace by the Duke of York.

The company is based in central London, working with top brands, agencies, and publishers.

About Whichit for Advertisers :
The new Interactive Commercial Content platform that enables you to easily create Interactive Commercial Content in minutes, which can be shared and launched across multi channels. The Whichit Ad unit is dynamic, responsive and interactive.

· Different types of Interactive Commercial Content: Post, survey, quiz, super search and more. Supporting audio & GIF.
·  Ad unit contains Whichit Engage Card: The commercial Call To Action to the user. Redirect, lead gen, coupon and more
· Creating organic campaigns. As a social media post (dynamic on Facebook Instant Articles), publishers’ pages, own assets - website, app and blog
· Paid media campaigns: easily buy traffic on Ad-Network, including targeting. The Whichit Ad unit adapts itself automatically to different sizes, including IAB formats
· Performance dashboard. Simple, easy to understand and providing actionable insights to the business user regarding users’ preferences, both on the campaign and content level
· Integration with 3rd party systems such as Slack, MailChimps, IFTTT in order to connect and continue the sales and marketing processes.

To summarize, Whichit is Interactive Commercial Content that enables:
1. Increasing brand awareness
2. Increasing audience engagement and interaction
3. Driving users to commercial actions on an opt in basis and based on real time preferences
4. Gaining actionable insights on the potential target audience
5. One stop shop to create Interactive Commercial Content, build campaigns, share and launch on multiple channels and monitor performance and insights