Located in the St. Louis area, Whipt Cream is no ordinary cake shop. We dream up custom creations that make your event tasty and sweet. Whether you like your cake simple or wildly personalized, we'll have your taste buds bursting and your guest's captivated by our cake expertise.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a different kind of cake experience. Need personalizing? We can do that. If you don't see what you like in our store, dream it up! And don't be afraid to think outside the cakebox. We do it all the time.

Especially when it comes to our signature buttercream. Whether it is floating on the surface of a perfectly tart lemon cake layered in raspberry curd, or mingling with white chocolate and coffee on top of a moist banana cupcake, we use only sweet cream butter, just enough sugar and lots of egg whites to keep it light and airy, kind of like gourmet marshmallow cream. We're pretty sure you've never tasted anything like it before. And we hope it brings you back for more.

Come by the shop and give us a try for your next event. We’ll whip up cakes or cupcakes for whatever you have in mind Engagements, Weddings, & Anniversaries, Birthdays, Showers, & Just for Fun, Graduations & Reunions, Corporate Events, Holidays.