White Dove Memories is taking flight on an endeavor for which the sky is the limit. Literally!!!  
 The Hooper's - she's a stay at home mom with three young children and he's a Sales Manager for a National Bank - have established a business to provide beautiful white doves for ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, baptisms or anywhere else where a symbol of peace, hope, love or freedom may be appropriate. White Dove Memories, as the business is known, is an endeavor the Hooper's were engaged in before they moved years ago from Chattanooga, TN. Mr. Hooper said he became interested in the beautiful White Doves in 1999 when his then Partner with The Sheriffs Office, introduced him to the beautiful Snow White Doves. "I was amazed that they can find their way home from 50 + miles away" he said, It became a interest, then turned into a hobby. Soon after, he realized. "Nobody was offering Doves for weddings, funerals, baptisms or special events" so he pursued the idea. Kary looked around and found a vacant niche in the White Dove ceremonial universe. Thus was born White Dove Memories, which today is providing white dove releases at 25-35 events a month. White Dove Memories provides birds free of charge for events such as funerals for veterans, police officers and firefighters killed in action and other cases of tragedy for burials of children and infants. On Veterans Day November 11, 2008 White Dove Memories provided a beautiful 21 beautiful Dove Release, for the memorial release at the recent “We remember” Veterans Day Parade/Ceremony for thousands in attendance including Governor Rick Perry of Texas. In October, they provided a 21 Dove Salute for the Dignity Funeral Homes Memorial Vietnam Wall for the closing ceremonies. Josie Billnoske, a longtime local resident and city councilwoman released an individual Dove, to honor her son, Johnnie C. Lawson Jr, who was Killed In Action in Vietnam. Apart from the assemblage of 21 Doves released following a rendition of "Amazing Grace" performed on the bagpipes.
    It is truly a family business. The three girls assist in caring for and training the Doves. Michele is the public face of the Christian based family owned and operated company. "She is much more pleasant to look at", said Kary. "He is the man behind the scenes," she said. "Michele has much more patience and is much better at explaining the meaning of the Doves. They are a symbol of peace, hope, love, and purity. The Bible tells us that Noah released a dove after the great flood and it returned with an Olive Branch symbolizing new life. And again in the New Testament we find that when John baptized Jesus, scripture says the Holy Spirit descended upon our Lord in the form of a Dove. Ceremonial doves are actually "Rock Doves, members of the homing pigeon family," The Hooper's purchase their Doves from a high quality breeder that raises only top of the line Belgium Doves, up to $200 each, when they are approximately eight weeks old. "They start to fly at eight weeks," he said, "they are trained with other birds of equal age and ability." “We must keep very accurate records of each bird, if we jump one too far, it may not make it back to the loft”. It's quite frightening releasing a flock of Doves five miles away for the first time”. Imagine, taking $3,000 and letting it go, hoping that it makes it back”... Many months of caring for and training are put into these wonderful birds before they are ready to perform at Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms, Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Openings, Etc. When The Hooper's release their beautiful Doves at ceremonial events, the birds typically circle the venue a few times getting their bearings before flying into The heavens back to their loft. The release is a beautiful visual, in many cases, emotions are high, as in the case of many of the local Funeral Home families they serve. Many of the local Funeral Homes utilize White Dove Memories at Graveside and Memorial ceremonies as a beautiful and touching gift to the families on behalf of the funeral home. Families truly appreciate the comforting graveside White Dove Release which helps bring peace and closure.. “The flock of Angel Doves released at a graveside/memorial symbolize loved ones who have passed before. As the beautiful doves soar towards the Heavens, a single remaining dove is released by a family member, representing the Spirit of the their loved one. Then they all join together in the sky and fly home, helping bring peace, comfort and closure. The doves are trained to know their way home, just as all Christians know our way home to Heaven”. It is truly a beautiful way to end a graveside or memorial service. Ask your funeral home Director about a Memorable and touching White Dove Release or call us at 423.641.1337