White Light Productions is a television production company that develops and produces original non-scripted programming. Our young team has the drive and 'out of the box' creativity that gives us the edge.

White Light Productions creates, writes and produces tv shows, commercials, public service announcements, documentaries, and many more!

New exciting projects for 2011!

New Network TV Show "BULLIED. their story"-

“BULLIED” addresses an issue that affects millions of men, women, children and families across the country. The show not only tells true stories of bullying , but also educates viewers on red-flag behaviors that can lead to bullying.

This series will make a difference. Each program showcases stories of people that have been either mentally, emotionally and/or physically bullied at school or at work. The victim, family or friends have asked for help. In a unique twist we will showcase the story of the person that was the bully and what they put their victim through, and hopefully how things have changed in their lives from being a bully.

The victims featured on the show will tell their stories in a way that newspaper articles, news reports will never be able to. Their television shows of people that were locked up abroad, scared of ghosts, dealing with substance abuse that captivate our attention, bullied will touch on a current subject matter that so many people have encountered or know people that have been either a bully or bullied at school or in the workplace. Their first hand narration will let you follow their story as it’s currently happening through the re-enactments as they explain their story.

The personal accounts of families, friends, co-workers that have lost their loved ones due to bullying will take the headlines and have the viewer understand their story from start to finish to find out if they overcame the bullying or if it still has an affect on their current life or in other cases how they used their experience of being bullied towards something good.
Not all stories will end well but every story will leave the viewer with a better understanding of what the people being bullied encountered through the narration of themselves if alive or in case of the deceased through a loved one. The stories will be about people being buliied for all issues, such as, gender, race, religion, the more popular bullying of sexuality, disabilities, work place bullying and all the issues that someone makes fun of other people about.


Our advanced political department offers commercials for candidates seeking higher office. Stay tuned to see our commercials for some of the nations hottest 2011 political races.


International Health care Documentary-
an international documentary contrasting the maternal health care systems of a west African country, US, UK, and Costa Rica.

Anti-bullying Public Service Announcement-
National Anti Bullying Campaign

Psychic TV Show w/ Karin Trinity-
A show that offers closure to families.

Charlie Scott NASCAR Story-
First African American Driver in Nascar history but was omitted from the history books.

NASCAR Undercover-
A fun behind the scenes look at the teams and owners w/ their hobbies of building cars.

a tv show portraying real life accounts of bullying.


Contact Info

Tami Outterbridge Writer/Producer LA Office
Jacqueline Barrett President of development
Bob Zinzell Motorsports Consultant Miami Office
Nick Varga Editor
Ollie Bundy Technical Assistant LA Office
Albert Harris Jr. CEO