White Lotus Living was founded in 2009 by Jan Tucker, a US-born yogi and author who teaches others about the many ways to live naturally. Jan defines living naturally as retuning to nature, going back to basics, connecting with your inner self and taking steps to serve and honor other human beings as well as Mother Earth.

Jan opened White Lotus Living (http://www.whitelotusliving.com) after interviewing Jeanne Rizzo, president and CEO of The Breast Cancer Fund, for a magazine article she was writing about the organization. During the interview Jeanne focused on discussing many disturbing facts about the dangers of chemicals in the products we use and consume, and pointing out examples of how harmful they are to our health, our children’s health and the health of our planet.

As a result, Jan determined to find alternatives for all the chemical-containing products she used in her home. Quickly discovering this task to be daunting largely due to false advertising, Jan started White Lotus Living to help others who also wish to live a truly green and natural lifestyle. Since then, a study has confirmed that 95 percent of products labeled and promoted as green, including well-known brands, still contain chemical ingredients.

Today White Lotus Living offers almost 200 chemical-free products in many categories including personal care, cosmetics, household cleaners, cleaning equipment, cookware without Teflon, room air purifiers, and garden equipment such as composters. Each product has been carefully reviewed and tested for purity, and Jan uses most of the items herself. If a product fits the specifications but doesn’t do the job well, it will not be carried by White Lotus Living.

Jan explains, "White Lotus Living’s products are pure, organic, affordably priced, and they work." Best of all, "The personal care items that are botanical give people an immediate sense that they are using natural products—the scents are undeniably direct from nature. Using them is an uplifting experience that confirms for people how great it is to do the right thing to protect themselves and their family. It’s motivating.”

When she made the switch to eliminating chemicals herself, this was the first thing she noticed. Enjoying all the truly magnificent natural scents helped her continue to commit to finding better alternatives to chemical living. She soon discovered she could detect a chemical fragrance immediately. She wondered how she ever thought chemical-based products smelled like strawberry or grapefruit or whatever scent from nature they were trying to imitate.

Jan and her husband live as natural a lifestyle as possible. Both of them are committed to the quest. Most of their produce comes from their own organic garden, they eat only organic foods and use only chemical-free products for every aspect of living.

Recently Jan has expanded White Lotus Living to provide information about yoga and the natural yoga lifestyle. She is currently writing a book about the spiritual aspects of yoga. She also authors a new monthly column about living naturally in YHC Magazine, a regional magazine about integrative medicine published in Westlake Village, California. Her Beyond Green Blog covers the subject of natural, chemical-free living thoroughly.

Jan created a month-long meditation journey called The White Lotus Way in 5 Minutes a Day which is accessible through the White Lotus Living Facebook site events page. Visit http://www.facebook.com/whitelotusliving and click the events tab to join the journey.