Remember the first time you got this question: "Who can I Ask for help?" You probably have been nervous, pacing around somewhere, and kept thinking who can help you to solve your problem? Well, it should have happened many times in our lives. You believe someone out there should be able to help, but you just don't know where that person is? You just don't know where to find that person? Here at whoiask.com, you can find the right person to help you get a task done, from simple tasks like asking for a small favor to complex ones that require professional skills like programming, graphics design, medical or legal advisories.

Thinking the other way round, you may be an expert in some areas. For example, you may a proficient programmer, an expert in civil law, a certified accountant or an experienced graphic designer. We believe your knowledge or skill is in demand at whoiask.com and you should be able to help other people complete various kinds of tasks. Unlike the situations like answering a question in a forum, or solving a technical problem by providing a professional solution under which you get virtual points or ratings as rewards, at whoiask.com your effort will be rewarded monetarily, i.e. you will get paid by completing a task!

Our Mission

Our mission at whoiask is to build up a social network which gathers talents of various kinds around the world to provide solutions to people who need help. Together with the use of technology, we are committed to providing a fair and efficient platform for people who ask for help, or for people who want to make money by helping others with their expertise, experience and efforts.