I have over 20 years of sales and marketing experience. I specialize in online marketing,social media, seo, sem, e-commerce, branding and advertising. I provide "Outside of the box" solutions to directly impact New Business Development through the use of Online Marketing. I have worked with businesses all over the nation in various industries. I am a master at networking both online and offline and have developed solid businesses relationships all over the world.I am a force to be reckoned with because of my solid background in sales, hands on experience with SEO, Search Engine Management and PPC. Merging these experiences have amazing benefits because they drive results: leveraging marketing to convert to revenue.

I have been recognized for my many accomplishments throughout my career for being a top producer. Exceeding set sales goals and thriving New Business Development.

I have an amazing client base that has continued to work with me for many years. I under promise and over deliver for my clients. I partner with clients to evaluate their current and future goals to help them through a comprehensive advertising plan, I design a strategic plan for them to help them achieve their goals. My strategies work for my clients because I provide an in depth consulting session with my clients to ensure that I can provide them with a solution that is going to enable them to attain their goals.

In addition, I have been involved in the real estate industry for over 12 years and have a solid background in the mortgage industry as a Mortgage Broker. I developed many solid relationships in the real estate industry.

I have a great mix of clients in different industries. Entertainment, Retail, Insurance, Law, Real Estate, Collections, Automotive are the industries that I have worked with the most.

I work with businesses from small to large implementing effective strategies to help businesses generate targeted leads, have a better ROI and to brand their business.

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