Why So Beautiful to Launch New Website in February
Company Founder Iaisha Phillips Seeks to Empower Girls and Foster Greater Self-Esteem
New York, January 22, 2012  -- Iaisha Phillips, President and founder of Why So Beautiful LLC, announced today she will officially launch WhySoBeautiful.com next month to further achieve her goals of helping young girls between the ages of seven and 14 develop positive self-esteem and self image. As a mother of five daughters, she is well aware of the challenges that young girls face in today’s world.
“Why So Beautiful was born for my daughters and all girls like them,” Ms. Phillips said. “It is my passion to carve and imprint into the lives and hearts of these girls that will forever change their lives and everyone they shall ever meet.”
Ms. Phillips originally founded the company with the intent of creating a unique, girl-inspired lip gloss and bath and body product line, but soon realized that a greater opportunity was within her reach. Based on her own experience as a parent, and capitalizing on years of entrepreneurial experience, she decided something greater could be achieved with Why So Beautiful.
“I thought it would be great to branch out and start an organization for young girls due to all the bullying, low self-esteem and suicide issues that are going on today,” Ms. Phillips said. “It seems like all young girls today are focusing on their outside beauty and not their inner.
“Since I have five daughters I know what it is to see my girls unhappy due to what others are saying. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty, we need to make sure it’s a balance.”
Why So Beautiful LLC is based in New York, and will reach out to young girls through a series of events and workshops in and around the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Each will focus on empowering girls to be stronger, develop greater self-esteem, and understand that power and beauty come from the inside, Ms. Phillips said.
Girls who attend the workshops or visit the website will have the opportunity to sign up for a membership for $65 that includes admission to all future workshops and events, as well as a line of Why So Beautiful lip gloss, bath and body products, and a t-shirt. Ms. Phillips plans on supporting the memberships through fundraisers and other business opportunities, and said the website also offer items for sale later in the year. For now, the focus is on getting the message out to girls struggling with self-esteem and low confidence, she said.
“It is my ambition to be the driving force that takes them to new heights and discover the endless possibilities they have within,” Ms. Phillips said. “Teach them how to feel beautiful at all times. It is my desire for Why So Beautiful to transform lives of girls and equip them with the tools and belief necessary to take over the world.”
About Why So Beautiful LLC
Why So Beautiful LLC was founded in New York in October, 2011 by entrepreneur and mother Ms. Iaisha Phillips. The company develops and markets a line of girl-inspired lip gloss, bath and body products, and t-shirts, with the profits being used to sponsor workshops and events where girls ages seven to 14 will learn about self-esteem, respect for themselves and others, and the power of love that comes from within each person.
For more information, please visit the website at http://www.whysobeautiful.org or send an email to whysobeautiful@gmail.com. Ms. Iaisha Phillips also may be reached at 866-420-9655.