WIBM was started because on a daily basis I feel led to inspire, energize, educate, encourage, and empower people everywhere from mentoring high school seniors, individuals with special needs, undergraduate and graduate student teachers to business owners. Regardless of which category you fall, I am passionate about helping and empowering people become independent and successful.  Thus creating this site enabled win-win situation for those needing help to find me and allowing me opportunity to individuals needing mentoring.

The Focus of WIBM is to provide an opportunity for business women of diverse occupations to grow personally and professionally through learning from other empowered women how to market and network their business to increase traffic and grow the fan base through blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. We promote and encourage each other while acting as accountability partners.

Our mission is to inspire, energize, educate, encourage, and empower business women to lives of vision, action, persistence, accomplishment, wealth, and chcharity through a never-ending quest for the discovery and application of truth.

When your life is lying shattered all around you, regardless of the reason – divorce, loss of job, debt, trauma, or death, the ONLY person that can put it back together is YOU!  No one can heal or fix someone else.  When facing my own loss, I found that getting to the other side did not just happen automatically; I had to make it happen. Even though the journey ahead was not an easy one, I was determined to heal.  Our ability to rebound depends largely on our attitudes, coupled with the internal and external resources we have cultivated to help us cope, survive, and move forward.  Here are some of the steps that helped me heal:

- Start by taking inventory of where you are and determine where you want to go
- Make a plan to get there and write it down
- Create a schedule based on that plan and stick to it and find someone to hold you accountable
- Be willing to take baby steps to reach those goals – think I CAN and WILL!
- Avoid negativity at all costs, this may mean moving to another city or cutting ties with people that are holding you back
- Be open to change, it will come
- Utilize your inner strength and harness it to push forward
- Do some form of exercise daily
- Seek Professional Development through audios, webinars, and books.  The library or thrift shops are great places to start
- Locate a support system