Wicked Cow Studios is reinventing the proliferation of content, building original, multiplatform franchises through a publishing-first model, while leveraging its storytelling experience across media platforms. Wicked Cow, in tandem with world-class strategic production and sponsorship partners, optimizes executions for every category to put entertaining and informative productions in front of audiences wherever they are. By leveraging these stories across multiple channels, we build them into franchises that further the value of our intellectual property and generate powerful long-term revenue streams. These extensions live in experiential events, museum exhibitions, audio, educational initiatives, TV, film, and digital executions.

For more than a dozen years and an inspired run in the brand world, Michael Hermann and Wicked Cow created uncommon opportunities for some of the world’s most beloved pop culture brands including management of the The Roberto Clemente Estate, the Julius Erving brand, Pelé, Wiffle®, Big League Chew, Maxim, The Notorious B.I.G. Estate, among others. More recently, Michael is Derek Jeter’s co-founding and co-publishing partner in Jeter Publishing, their content studio that includes a joint venture partnership with publishing giant, Simon & Schuster.