Wi-Fi Proximity Marketing with Wi-Clique Media
Wi-Clique offers businesses a new tool to reach their customers after they come near their establishment! Interaction via the customers mobile devices only now, it wont be by dialing a number or sending a text message. As businesses search for new marketing tools to increase interaction with their clients, and advertisers switch budgets from traditional advertising to newer, more interactive new media, the future of business marketing is ready to evolve!

As a marketer, it makes sense to take advantage of the technology, since people carry their mobile phones with them everywhere they go. And considering that 98% of all mobile phones today include default features that allow for communication to their computers and PDA's, and enable hands free operation while driving. As a delivery vehicle, with proximity marketing, you know everybody will answer their phone, in comparison, can you say everyone will read the flier you send out in the mail, or the display on an Internet website, Billboard or Newspaper? Companies providing those services would like you to think so.