About Widen Digital Asset Management Software

Widen has pioneered the development of software technologies in support of creative and marketing workflows for over 16 years. As a 100% Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Widen digital asset management solutions support over 130 customers and 75,000 users in 120 countries.

Widen was recognized for excellence in overall business strategy by the research firm Frost & Sullivan ( in each of the last two World Digital Asset Management Markets studies. Frost & Sullivan placed Widen on the "Hot Company Watchlist" for industry leadership in four main categories: organizational restructuring, product & pricing strategy, partnership strategy, and sales channel development.

The Media Collective®, Widen's primary Web-based digital asset management software suite, is made up of the following solutions:

Core Digital Asset Management - The centralized digital asset repository for management, retrieval, transformation and distribution.

The Widen Appliance - An optional expansion to core DAM with a server installed on the client site to facilitate internal production workflows and business continuity.

Video Asset Management - A set of add-on features to core DAM to automatically generate full file previews and transcode rich media assets on-demand.

Project Collaboration - A photography and creative workflow tool to route projects and photos for review, comment and approval tracking.

Dynamic Media Building - A template-driven brand management tool to build custom marketing materials and localized sales collateral.

Catalog Publishing System - A specialized application designed to centralize, repurpose, track and export catalog content.

Backed by industry-leading service and support, Widen's SaaS technologies bring together a strong-suite of tools and built-in business logic to guide digital assets and content producers / users through integrated creative and multi-channel marketing processes.

Industries Served
With over 130 customers, Widen provides Digital Asset Management Software as a Service to over a dozen major industries including: Manufacturing, (with niches in Apparel & Fashion, Kitchen & Bath, Furniture & Housewares), Retail, Healthcare and Medical Technology, Colleges & Universities, Non-Profit, Hospitality & Food Service, Engineering & Construction, People & Entertainment, Government, Service Organizations & Agencies, Hi-Tech, Energy & Utilities. 
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