WiganWebs is the enter the (formally) unknown by introducing video displays within their new network of web design. This video display would allow website owners to view how to use their new content management system to give the business full control over their own website. This latest step is aimed at building relations with new clients and http://www.wiganwebs.co.uk values that a customer pays for their website, so they should own it with no ties.

Customer satisfaction is WiganWebs number one priority but realise that many business owners are scarce when it comes to managing their own website. The introduction of the new video training program will allow website owners to manage and maintain their own website with ease and comfort.

On top of their new video tutorials they are proud to offer full support and a complete backup of all files that are made to create the website. So, to recap, domain name ownership, full video support, backup of all files, and customer support.

"We understand that a customer has rights to own their own website with no hidden agendas, such as their web design company having control of their domain name, or no backup of their files. We urge our customers to have complete control of their website and that trust is the key factor in our relationship with our clients. Many web design companies will hold a domain name for ransom, or will not give their clients a copy of their website. This scares people off and that is not something we want to participate in.".

WiganWebs spacialise in building unique, content rich websites, along with their own content management systems in place. They also have many happy ecommerce clients who are building up their product base and making sales online. On top of their unique web design service they offer internet marketing techniques that have been proven to be very useful for their clients.