Wikishopline. Business Charity Crowdfunding Campaign for developing the best site ever

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By Darryl Clow
October 20, 2016

New startup Wikishopline announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finish the development of their revolutionary website. The company set out to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo to finish development and produce the first phase of the project that intends to change the online shopping market.  The other phases of the project will depend on funds raised.

The company aims to become the "best all-in-one website ever" by combining services found all over the web, such as articles, online shopping, travel, hotel and automobile rentals, freelancing and gigs, jobs, reviews, classifieds, etc. The goal would be to have all of these services in one website as opposed to internet users having spend time to crawl and search what they need.

In addition to being multifunctional, Wikishopline will also be giving proceeds to charity (minimum 10%) from campaign backers to Save the Children, Parkinson's and Rett Syndrome charities.  Backers can be explicit in their choice of charity if requested and can choose alternative ones as well (i.e. the Cancer Foundation).

Wikishopline.com and wikishoplinextreme.com are the both in the first phase of the project for shopping.  More funds are needed to build the other components of the site.  A good percentage of contributions will also be used to market the site around the world, with the focus currently being in the US and Canada.

Wikishopline was originally set up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in March 2011 and is owned by Darryl Clow.  Mr. Clow hopes to go beyond "just a simple website to something special".  The site has enjoyed early traction with sales on wikishopline.com and wikishoplinextreme.com, currently offering many items that one would find on competing sites such as Amazon, eBay and Bonanza.  

Name: Darryl Clow
Email: service@wikishopline.com
Campaign Link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/wikishopline-the-next-best-ultimate-website-ever-video/x/804229#/