William David is a freelance photographer & writer, known in recent years for the work with young actors and performers, building up confidence & range for the industry. Trained as a film photographer in the late 70's William David Photographic Projects [which became Actwill] was setup at the start to fully use the benefits of the new digital medium, but without compromising on the film techniques of the past in regards to shoot technique and lighting. For 2014 William David embarked on a massive personal project "pompous hobbit". This takes over from where Actwill leaves working and reflecting with youth of today. In particular it reflects the work of William David away from photography with young people, and forms part of a work towards qualification in the social youth sector. At all times William David aims to reflect those he works with in a positive and confident way, even when dealing with difficult issues and situations - as reflected within the work of pompous hobbit. Pompous Hobbit is an offline and online venture due for full launch later in 2014.