About company
WILIBOX stands for Wireless Linux in the Box. The aim of the company, which is based in Lithuania, is to create affordable tools and solutions for an easy deployment and management of a large scale networks. WILI-S and WILI-MESH are an industry standards based software platforms. Ability to support different wireless network platforms based on Atheros chipsets, carrier grade performance, low total cost of ownership and wide feature set makes the company's solutions and products attractive to customers ranging from large telecom operators to smaller ISP's, WISP's and enterprises. The solutions provided by Wilibox will help to build carrier grade mesh and hotspot networks, reliable and secure point-to-point and point-to-multipoint links with remote management configuration system (RCMS) for an automated network provisioning and element management.

Customers are also able to do their own firmware branding and customization through a new and unique firmware factory, which could be found on the web page of the company.