Canadian author William Blackwell studied journalism at Calgary’s Mount Royal University and English literature at Vancouver’s University of British Columbia. He worked as a print journalist for many years before deciding to pen dark fiction novels. He has written over seventeen novels and has also written for advertising companies, radio stations and numerous newspapers.

Prior to his writing career, Blackwell wandered aimlessly from job to job. He held many titles including laborer, painter, auto-body mechanic, road lane marker, fish-plant worker, gas jockey, clothing salesman, used car salesman, hardware sales clerk, warehouse shipper/receiver and even a short stint shoveling crap for a living.

Although he writes predominantly horror novels, Blackwell has dabbled in other genres including sci-fi, psychological thriller, dark thriller, inspirational fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction and paranormal. Some of his novels are difficult to categorize as they cross into multiple genres. His work has been characterized as raw, gritty and real.

Blackwell lived in Vancouver for many years, where he studied his craft and honed his skills. He also lived in Calgary for over a decade, where he began his journalism career. Currently he lives on a secluded acreage on Prince Edward Island and travels often to third-world countries where he finds much of the inspiration for many of his books. He loves to travel, read, write, socialize, and live life on the raw fringe of society.

Blackwell writes first to feed his addiction and satisfy his need to create. He also writes to “educate, influence, entertain, and scare the hell out of you.”