William Garrett Ent. is about writing and publishing books. Together Rochelle E. Fischer and William GarrettI have writen and published six books: "Rosewood The Early Years" "Shadows And Lies" "Mama Loy" "Mystery In The Mist" "Poems And Promises A Tapestry Of Dreams" and "Rosewood." "Rosewood The Early Years" is a sequel to "Rosewood" and is about a haunted plantation in Tennessee. "Shadows And Lies" is about a family that leaves the mafia and evades numerous attempts to silence them. "Mama Loy" is about a woman that lives in the Louisiana swamps and the local people think is a witch doctor. "Mystery In The Mist" is about a New England woman who returns home after many years and discovers she lived there before in another life. "Poems And Promises A Tapestry Of Dreams" is a collection of poetry and verse covering many genres and styles written by Rochelle E. Fischer, William Garrett and guest artists. The books are all available through Barnes and Noble, Amazon and any book distributor.