Premier Consultants are proud to be bringing together of tried, tested and proven Direct Response Principles and 21st Century technology.

Our offerings: leadgenerationwebsites.net and easyemailsystem.net are easy to use, join-the-dots simple formula that will turn any website into the profitable websites businesses want.

Everything is set out in a step by step way so you apply the formula to your website. It’s been put together after hundreds of requests made to William Stewart (the CEO) after he had turned around or created over 50 profit generating websites in totally diverse markets.

"Once word got around about my successes, I decided to go down the road of helping people get the same results as there is always going to be a big demand for systems that make people money and for ways to get businesses new clients and leads."

These sites are owner by Premier Consultants and businesses simply rent them from us. We take care of everything including hosting, mainteneance and promotion of the sites. The business owner has no hassle at all in building the sites, keeping them maintained and promoting the sites - we do it all.

William stumbled upon Direct Marketing principles in 1995and started using them to great effect offline. William says, “I have been doing business online for the past 18 years and a few years ago it dawned on me that these principles need to be transferred online. So I did with the same success”. He knows what he’s talking about with 78 profitable websites covering all different topics from business-to-business consulting to stuffed animals.

Most people fear the technical and design aspects of the internet and website building, but the main principles of delivering what your clients want will be the same, no matter the media that is delivered with.

“A big mistake to make is to take marketing advice from people who are not marketers - especially internet marketers who have never proven themselves, but it happens all the time.” William points out. “The only people you should listen to about making a website profitable are the people, like me, who have been there and done it – and make a full time living from it.”

With the websites that have already been produced – and the profits they make, you can be certain that you are getting advice from someone who has down-in-the-trenches experience. As they say at Premier Consultants “Once you have the formula working for you in your business, there's no way you'll ever want to work any other way to generate leads for your business.”