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Today we are living in a very fast and advanced world. So we need to be advanced in everything which we use in our daily life. We have to remain up to date all things which are around us. Today the life and atmosphere around us is very smart. So if we want to be smart we have to spend our life smartly in using smart devices. The most precious thing of our life is TIME. Now it is up to you to save your time and work smartly to complete our work in time. IF you want to be honored in your in your life you should be punctual in every aspect of your life to complete the target of your life without taking any stress.

Now you are thinking how to be punctual and be smart, it is to use COMPUTER. Now it is up to you to use computer smartly or normally. Sometimes when we start computer we can face many types of errors. We are here to solve your all problems and errors on your computer which you are facing while working on the computer.
Today I want tell YOU about ‘WINDOW 10 BLUE SCREEN ERROR
Windows 10 is a new and an excellent version of the OS. Blue screen is, when you find a blue background and a sad face on your computer screen. Blue screen error is also called BLUE DEATH OF SCREEN (BSOB). The error which comes randomly on your screen. Sometimes the error come while UPDATING a new version or your data is corrupted due to some malware. Or your computer have any type of virus. The error can be caused by an incompatible piece of software like third party antivirus or an old program .To get rid of the problem or issue you have to uninstall unnecessary pieces of software and applications. If you are facing an error after connecting a printer via USB to print from word and you don’t find an error when you print to PDF means that printer is cause of error.