Windstrip has invented, developed, and recently brought to commercial production an integrated and flexible distributed Hybrid Power System (HPS) with application in a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.  At the heart of Windstrip’s HPS are Windstrip’s proprietary wind turbine design and our smart-electronics Intelligent & Dynamic Energy Addressing system (IDEAs), which enables the seamless integration, management, storage, and delivery of multiple energy sources to service sole- or multiple-purpose energy needs.  

Windstrip’s initial product is a fully-integrated, compact, modular, scalable, and highly efficient Telecom-HPS that combines wind, solar, and other energy sources in a safe, stable, and reliable way to achieve the most efficient production, storage, and delivery of energy from renewable and other energy sources to address the distinct target need of the telecom industry for “five-nines” – 99.999% – reliable performance.

For further information about Windstrip, including Sales, Distribution and Licensing opportunities, please contact info@windstrip.com or visit us at www.facebook.com/windstrip