Anyang Machinery is located in the eastern of Changjiang Avenue, Anyang, which covers more than 1333 acres and with a workshop section of 60000m² and more than 800 sets of manufacturing equipment. Anyang Machinery can process steel coils with the maximum thickness of 100mm, and the maximum lifting capacity is 200 ton. Moreover, Anyang Machinery also maintains both the design & manufacture certificates of pressure vessel in categories Ⅰ, Ⅱ, and Ⅲ, vacuum container, atmospheric vessel and so on. About light industry machinery, Anyang Machinery is the first company that break through the non-ferrous metal welding technology such as composite plate, dual-phase steel, titanium products, etc. With the approval by the Technical Supervision Bureau of Henan Province, Anyang Machinery has the welder qualification test committee that can qualify the special equipment welder for Fe I , Fe II, Fe IV category of various welding materials, anti-corrosive overlaying welding and others, setting up professional NDT special room, science room, metrology room, welding laboratory and so on.