Wine Country Network publishes Wine Country International® Magazine, which is dedicated to increasing the knowledge and enjoyment of wine, food and travel — not just to the world’s great wine regions, but to destinations whose restaurants and festivals celebrate the grape. Though the publication is aimed at enthusiasts, our editorial contributors (wine experts, travel-photojournalists, culinary professionals and celebrity chef-restaurateurs) blend fresh content with inside, cutting-edge information — in everyday language. Every issue includes up-to-date industry developments, in-depth travel articles, food and entertainment tips and recipes and unrated wine recommendations. Vivid color photography and contemporary, stunning design make each issue every wine lover’s favorite read!

In 2013, Wine Country International became a fully digital magazine available through Issuu,
the world’s leading digital publishing platform, with over 70 million readers. For 2017, the company plans 4 digital issues, plus a year-end roundup print edition.
The company also organizes six professional beverage competitions (wine, spirits and beer),
as well as the Denver International Wine Festival ,the Pairsine Chefs Food and Beverage Pairing Competitions and the Drink Pink Vino Rosé Wine Festival.

For further information, please visit www.winecountrynetwork.com or call 303-664-5700.