Win in Health was founded on November 1st, 1984. Starting with a three-person team, the health foods store has mainly developed its customer base in the Gatineau region. The officers, Richard and Rachelle Gagné started the company at the Promenades de l'Outaouais in Gatineau, before moving to it’s current location. Win in Health is a retail store, focused in the field of natural foods, vitamins, homeopathy and natural herbs.

Evolution of the health foods store in Gatineau
Win in Health  has developed a reputation for excellence and this, both for the quality of its products and its service and warm welcome. All this has contributed to a very friendly environment for customers and staff.
The growth of the company was certainly encouraged by the sense of teamwork and reflects a desire to make this business a model in it’s sector.

The Gatineau Health foods store contributes actively to influence the industry through its participation in various community events such as sponsorship for La Soupière de l’Amitié, la maison des naissances and various child care facilities.

Win in Health now has 12 employees and serves 2,000 to 2,500 customers a week, offering over 10,000 different products.

Now recognized as the specialist in the Outaouais region,  Win in Health has won the hearts of its residents.  Its commitment to continuous improvement and to better serve its customers is the main goal and focus.