Wink and Twinkle Lashes creates stunning experiences with an array of beautiful lash choices for every occasion. What is most endearing about this product is knowing that her lashes are vegan & 100% cruelty free; made from synthetic fibers that are washed and sanitized. This is the perfect lash product for MUA insiders, runways, photoshoots, etc. Listen to what industry insiders are saying about the beauty guru that is Native Elianor and her lashes… this is truly just the beginning.

"I was pleased to work again with stylist and makeup artist Native Elianor. Native brought us some really nice wardrobe pieces. She is a pro and a super-nice person with a big heart. She is also an awesome makeup artist. She can really do it all. Native has worked with some of the top photographers and fashion designers in her 18 years in the fashion industry she is known for her ability to create a look from head to toe and for her unique style, her quirky but sophisticated fashion sense and her wonderful eye for detail." ~ Steven Paul Photography

“Still rocking my Tre Jolie lashes by Wink & Twinkle…I received them for my honest exchange and I couldn’t be happier!  This is the 6th time I’ve warn them and they still are in great shape!!!” ~Delisha Shaw (mua)

“Feeling the spring and my absolutely beautiful lashes from Wink & Twinkle Lashes. Once I looked at them I knew they were going to feel light with so MUCH volume!! AMAZING!” ~Alisha Wiggins (mua)

“These lashes are amazing! They give me a natural feel, as if I’m not wearing lashes. The band on them are thick which I love!  And “Posh” is just amazing!! The length on them are perfect for an everyday look.”~Rasha Culver (Beauty Blogger)