WinVivo is a natural healthcare company based in Silicon Valley. Founded on the Hippocratic principle of using "Food as Medicine," our international team of biomedical professionals combines the best from the East and West to develop highly effective natural health and personal care products from botanicals with their beneficial biological functions validated by modern scientific research.

WinVivo's products can be used as long-term, sustainable natural remedies for promoting the body's innate ability to heal.

Invented by our team, the name “WinVivo” combines the word “Win” with the Latin term “in vivo” which literally means “within the living”—a whole, living organism, as opposed to a partial or dead organism, or an in vitro controlled environment.
Many of us who trained in biomedical research understand the lengthy process between initial in vitro research in the laboratories and the final products that people can directly benefit in vivo for their health in the real world.

Those of us who have devoted many years of our lives to pharmaceutical discovery and development appreciate how much time and money are required for in vivo tests in preclinical animal models and clinical trials on human subjects, and how high risk of failure can be associated with these tests.

Nonetheless, withstanding the in vivo tests is an absolute prerequisite for the success of any health-related product. The chance of success —finding a good pharmaceutical product to benefit people in the long run—can be very slim, but ultimately very rewarding.

We invented the term “WinVivo” not only to capture our spirit of “Winning in Vivo”, but more importantly to embrace the fundamental concept of treating our body as an integrated, holistic natural micro-ecosystem that possesses the innate ability to maintain its homeostasis and heal itself. Today as we constantly face environmental assault, daily stress, and the inevitable aging process, our body’s natural ability to maintain and restore its health and vigor could diminish faster than ever before.

Here at WinVivo we develop our products based on natural botanicals that can be delivered in vivo to help the body protect itself, and strengthen its innate potential for self-regeneration and healing in a natural and sustainable way. Developed based on Mother Nature’s best gifts to humanity--plants that have provided us with nutrition and many other health benefits for thousands of years--and combined with modern biomedical science and technology, our products will not only win in vivo but also withstand the test of time for the years to come.