What is WiredorTired.com?
WireorTired.com is a place where users submit and vote on the most current topics of the day. Members and guests vote to decide if the topic is Wired (Popular or Hot) or Tired (Old News or Played-Out). For example, while the topic "Michael Phelps" was very wired during the Olympics (people were actively interested in learning more and following his story), shortly after the Olympics ended “Michael Phelps" grew Tired. Being Wired does not have anything to do with whether or not one likes Michael Phelps - it is only indicative of how NOW the topic is.  Members can submit any topic under the sun: from current political events to their favorite video game.  Each topic consists of a title, byline, picture, and up to 3 categories.

How is it different than digg.com or other similar websites?
WiredorTired.com is based on topics established by its members, whereas digg.com and other similar websites are based on pre-existing information (articles, websites, YouTube videos, etc.).  This opens up the range of possible topics to anything a person can conceive, rather than having to find a third-party supporting resource.  Plus, topics are voted to be either Wired or Tired, where on other websites you can only vote them some form of Wired.  This creates a more dynamic and fluid site as topics can be rated up or down constantly, allowing for the most up-to-date Wired and Tired topics!

Who is this website for?
WiredorTired.com targets those who love to debate and discuss the most current topics and those who want a quick and entertaining way to stay on top of the current popular topics of all types of categories from sports to the newest electronics.

What can be done on the site?
On WiredorTired.com users can view the Top Wired or Tired topics by category (over 30 of them), rate topics, leave comments and links on existing topics, and initiate new discussions by submitting their own topics.

Social, Blog, RSS, and API Connections
WiredorTired.com is also fully integrated with both Twitter and Facebook providing members with a way to share their favorite topics and comments on these networks instantly.  The well known “ShareThis” widget is also incorporated into the site, allowing members and guests to share any page of the website with friends via text or email, and to all of the most popular social and Blog websites.  RSS feeds are available for every topic on the website and for the most recently submitted topics.  Plus email subscriptions are available for on-the-hour updates of your favorite discussions.  Also available is a developer API for websites to post the Top 5 Wired and Tired topics of their chosen category directly onto their sites.

Check out these videos!
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