In 1999, Laurie Chapman began a modest printing business in Elba, Alabama.  From a spare bedroom in her home, Laurie ordered supplies and met with vendors, laying out the groundwork for her commercial stationary business.  Just six months later, she had landed two contracts, enabling her to open a store front in downtown Elba known as Form & Function and establishing herself both in the community and the printing industry.  

In the last few years, Form & Function’s main focus has shifted from business cards and letterhead to wedding programs and invitations.  Doing business as Wiregrass Weddings, this endeavor has taken Laurie from being primarily a local business to a premier wedding program supplier in all fifty states.  Daily, Laurie and her team typeset, print, assemble, package and ship wedding programs to such locales as The Citadel in South Carolina, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Thoona, Australia, and Nigeria, Africa.  

While not at work for Wiregrass Weddings, Laurie serves her community in countless ways through her involvement with the Elba Chamber of Commerce and Covenant Community Church.  Her impact can be felt community-wide from a young family playing at Tiger Town Park, where Laurie’s service was instrumental to the playground’s existence, to her church congregation where Laurie donates service bulletins.  

A working mom, Laurie left her downtown shop a few years ago and resumed business in her home to allow her to spend more time with her two children Brooke and Bradley.  Having now outgrown the residential space, Wiregrass Weddings eagerly awaits the opening of its new separate retail space that Laurie and her husband Jim are building on their property.

Though in the past ten years her business has changed names, relocated many times, and even altered its programs, Laurie Chapman has remained a fixture in the community, respected for her business savvy, creative outlook, and dedicated vision.