Wise Leader Group is a firm of business psychologists formed with the purpose to develop wise leaders.  

Wise leadership comes from facing challenges in the workplace rather than just gaining knowledge. It involves expanding a leader's capacity to cope with complexity, developing their resilience and building their emotional intelligence.  Wise Leader Group ensures leaders are fully prepared and supported for the challenges they need to face to become a wise leader.  

Formerly working as leadership consultants within client organisations the team at the Wise Leader Group now offer a range of online development tools and activities designed for managers and leaders to develop themselves in the workplace.  These include apps for smart phones, e-learning, e-mentoring, e-retreats and a free knowledge base.  Leaders are able to use the Wise Leader Development Planning Guide and Workbook to integrate these products and services and ensure they are getting the right preparation, facing the right challenges and receiving the right support appropriate for their stage of development.  All of the products and services have been designed to enable leaders to take ownership of their leadership development and develop every day in their workplace rather than having to attend courses.

Wise Leader Group puts psychology in the hands of leaders enabling them to develop the capacity to use their knowledge wisely.