Have fun with wisper! Express yourself and share moments with friends and loved ones by sending them texts, photos, videos, and audio clips which will eventually disappear.

Get creative with sketches and captions whenever you take a photo or video. Wisper is about being you and candid because everything disappears after 25 seconds!

Your friends can see what you’re up to through Lyfe, where each post expires in 24 hours - just enough time for your friends, loved ones, or even secret admirer to catch a glimpse!

Features you’ll love --

Instant chats: Send photos, videos, audio, and quirky stickers to your friends. Simply tap and hold to view. Everything disappears 25 seconds after it has been seen by your friend.

Lyfe: Our timeline feature where you can share real-time thoughts, photos, videos, and audio. Each post expires in 24 hours.

Stickers: Wisper’s in-app sticker stand has a growing collection of stickers that will leave you speechless. Our sticker sets will definitely add more fun to your chats.

Add users: Conveniently add users by wisper id, 4-digit code, QR code, your phone contacts, or through Facebook.

Dual Camera: Never miss out on the view in front of you again. Snap a selfie then the sight in front of you, an all-in-one photo.

Snip: Meet wisper’s angel mascot, Snip! Everyone needs an angel in their life and Snip is yours :)

Profile Pics: Choose from wisper’s selection of fun, default profile pics.

Snapshots: You’ll receive a notification whenever someone has taken a screenshot.

The eye: You’ll find a little ‘eye’ icon on top of your chat screens. Hold the eye and your friend’s name will show up. Simultaneously, your chat will go blank. This assures that even if someone takes a screenshot of your conversation, your name won’t be seen on the screen.