Witura Corporation is a MSC status company involved in design, manufacturing and distribution of comprehensive 3G, GSM , VoIP and Wimax product for businesses in telecommunication, security industry, automotive, telemetry and technology related industries.

“WT series” of products is made by Witura Corporation, the product line comprises of 3G, GSM Gateway, 3G Alarm, GPRS Alarm , SMS Alarm, GSM Intercom, Access Control, GSM Gate Opener, 3G Camera, GSM Controller, Wimax and LTE dongle.

With the sophisticated plant and well established quality assurance systems, Witura products comply with FCC approvals, International CE certifications, ESTI Middle East, Malaysia Sirim requirement and a lot more, enabling the company to offer lifelong warranty and more

Over the years, Witura has experienced steady growth in its production and service offerings. As a result, the company has had to physically expand to accommodate expanding business levels.

Witura has proven expertise to traverse the full Product Life Cycle path covering the design, development, manufacture and customer support to bring out advanced products employing digital / analog hardware, embedded operating systems / software and connectivity technologies such as PSTN, LTE, 3G, GSM, CDMA, Wimax, IP, ISDN & Wi-Fi. We are also equipped with flexible manufacturing lines backed by good inventory and quality assurance systems.

Witura is a worldwide supplier of customer premises telecom equipment and solutions for GSM gateway, UMTS fixed cellular terminal, LTE, Wimax Dongle, HDPA wireless modem.

In the security and burglar alarm industry, we develop the 3G alarm system, gprs alarm , 3G,GSM alarm backup, 3g camera, gsm intercom, gsm access control, gsm controller and gsm gate opener

Witura also provide solution to telemetry company by develop the 3G, GSM remote monitoring system, 3G, GSM remote control system, gsm switch, gsm auto and remote monitoring software.

For the car automotive industry, we involve in the supply of gsm car alarm, gps car alarm and gsm car preheating system  

Research and development is the key to our phenomenal rise in the industry ranks. We have constituted an exclusive R & D wing that comprises knowledgeable and competent researchers with years of valuable experience to their credit. These research analysts keep a track of the latest market developments and trends in order to ensure that the organization is at par with rest of the industry. Our researchers strive to come up with alternative designs and showcase the same to the clients. The objective is to upgrade the technology in use as well as improve the quality of existing range of products. As a progressive organization, we also welcome all new ideas & concepts of product designing and development

Products we design included  :

3G alarm, gprs alarm, sms alarm, 3G alarm backup, 3G gateway, gsm access control, gsm intercom, 3G remote monitoring, gsm remote control, gsm switch, gsm auto, gsm car alarm system, gps car alarm, gsm car preheating system, 3G camera, gsm gate opener, UMTS, GSM controller, LTE, Wimax Dongle.  

It's one thing to invest in the latest technology, but a true full service manufacturer also understands the importance of investing in talented personnel as well. At Witura Manufacturing & Design we take this philosophy to heart, and it shows.

Some of the most highly skilled craftsmen in the manufacturing industry work right here at Witura Manufacturing & Design. Our investment in these skilled employees has allowed us to continuously provide exceptional service in a variety of processes.
Our employees range from production specialist and technical supports to skilled product engineers. This talent, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment gives us an advantage over most manufacturing facilities, which lack the on-site talent to find cost effective solutions to customers’ needs.