KART Kids Digital Broadcasting (WKKR-DB) is devoted to “Storytelling On The Go 24/7.” The station is an initiative of PediNatural® and its charitable giving branch, The Kids Are Readers Too (KART) Foundation. WKKR-DB was created to promote literacy and learning among children and teens. Its goal is to not only provide a free and accessible platform for young minds to gain access to a large collection of literature and information, but to also make reading, learning, and listening fun by providing entertaining and educational audio programming. WKKR-DB’s charm comes from blending timeless classics with contemporary publications, new written works, and a variety of audio theater, poems, music, and various teaching/learning tools for science and math to give its audience a comprehensive listening and learning experience. Both the station and the foundation are owned and operated by PediNatural® – a New Jersey based multimedia publisher and children's literacy advocate.