Government relations and strategic consulting firm.  

Government Affairs – We create strategic partnerships with the Federal, Local or State Governments by making use of our longstanding and in-depth relationships. We are intimately acquainted with key White House staffers, Congressional staff, and others. Due to our professionals’ extensive experience in the White House and with Federal agencies, our firm enjoys an unprecedented understanding of the Executive branch of government, the inner workings of the White House and local government. We can assist you in the following: federal appropriations, congressional advocacy, grant allocation and coalition building.

Business Development – The federal government can be a constantly evolving mechanism which can provide tremendous opportunities for expanding business potential. Our comprehensive business development plans can ensure a corporate voice in the halls of power through our specialization in policy, communications and fundraising.

Media and Public Relations – The success of an organization is dependent on its ability to establish and maintain relationships.  We can develop communication initiatives to make certain our clients are seen and heard. Whether we prepare our clients to testify at a Congressional hearing or prepare press release we can provide service. From public relations outreach, corporate marketing and crisis communications our services can be rendered.

Faith Based Outreach – Several of our staff members are active members of the clergy. Our firm offers a unique approach in outreach to clergy--a strategy we already employ on a national level for the Democratic National Committee. We've found these relationships to be critical not only in a municipality’s ability to communicate to its citizens, but to work with community leaders to strengthen communications on a grassroots level.