Located in the heart of Asheville, Abode is dedicated to constructing traditional on-site (stick-built or frame) and systems-built (off-frame modular) custom homes in Western North Carolina. Asheville is known for its forward-thinking dedication to environmentally sound building practices. Because we share this dedication, Abode is a proud member of the Western North Carolina Green Building Council.

Our team has a combined experience of over 65+ years. As an on-site (stick-built) custom builder, we came to realize the benefits of off-frame modular construction. So whichever construction method you prefer, the quality remains. We use modular building systems designed and built in a climate controlled environment, which means that harmful weather never reaches or damages the inside of your home. Our modular homes pass 300 inspections to ensure the highest level of quality. With a desire to build beautiful, custom, environmentally friendly homes, we have incorporated this philosophy of quality into off-frame modular construction.