Wolf Popper LLP is a highly experienced securities class action litigation firm headquartered in New York City, with offices in Houston, Texas, Chicago and Springfield, Illinois, as well as San Juan, Puerto Rico and an affiliated office in Panama. Since its founding over seventy years ago, Wolf Popper has been a leader in efforts to protect the interests of defrauded investors, prosecuting thousands of actions under federal and state laws throughout the United States and abroad. Wolf Popper's efforts have resulted in recoveries of billions of dollars for aggrieved parties.

Wolf Popper's distinguished reputation is well known and widely respected. We have one of the longest-standing practices in the field of securities class action litigation, with unparalleled expertise. Wolf Popper's careful factual and legal research and selective prosecution of securities actions has resulted in a significant percentage of its actions being sustained over motions to dismiss, or settled prior to determination of motions to dismiss, particularly under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act (the "PSLRA").

Wolf Popper's long-established role in the securities bar, which began in 1958, provides its clients with an understanding and insight into federal securities and state fiduciary duty laws that could only be obtained through years of practice in the fields.