Women for Prostate Health is an international non-profit organization that is using a grassroots network of women to promote men’s health issues with a particular focus on those associated with the prostate and sexual function.  The organization provides education and support to women so they can encourage healthy lifestyle choices for the men in their lives.

Dr. David B. Samadi, chief of urology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, started the Women for Prostate Health in September 2014, after realizing that most of the male patients he saw either came in with, or were encouraged to go to the doctor by, a wife, mother, daughter or girlfriend. Statistic show that women make over 70 percent of the medical decisions in a household. If Dr. Samadi wanted to advocate for men to live healthier lives he needed an army of women behind him. Thousands of women from across the United States, Canada and beyond answered the call to action.

Women for Prostate Health uses local meetings, events and online communications to generate public awareness about the need for screenings and prevention.

Women for Prostate Health also provides support to women who have a loved one inflicted by prostate cancer, low testosterone, sexual dysfunction or other men’s health ailments.