Women & Hi Tech works to connect female STEM professionals with each other and our community in Indianapolis.  Our members and sponsors represent a wide array of STEM fields, including life sciences, engineering, accounting, psychology, statistics, and information technology. They work as engineers, analysts, scientists, business developers, marketers, educators, and more. 

It takes boldness, curiosity, and diligence to pursue studies and a career in STEM, regardless of your gender. However, there’s also no denying that these industries have long been male-dominated. That’s not because the people in them don’t want change; it’s because organizations like Women & Hi Tech need support to make that change happen. From guiding young women through some of their first experiments, to recognizing industry-leading expertise at our Leading Light awards, the support system and networking opportunities we provide engage both female STEM professionals and girls who aspire to STEM careers.

When we work together on a level playing field, the outcomes are stronger for everyone. Women & Hi Tech wants to see STEM industries transformed by collaboration, and every day we promote, support, and cheer on the women already working to make it happen.