Women in the Pet Industry fully supports women working in the pet business. We help women entrepreneurs in the pet industry by providing website directory listings, digital publications, marketing resources, webinars, videos, an annual conference, unlimited networking opportunities and business coaching.

We're passionate about pets. We're passionate about business growth. As women helping women, we can be passionate about both! \Sharing Expertise is the Best Way to Grow Your Business!

Women in the Pet Industry believes going it alone is the biggest determent in creating a business that supports your dreams. Most pet professionals feel isolated. They work in a certain niche or geographical area and don't have the availability to share, learn and gain from others.

It matters not if your business is local or online, the WIPIN network gives you the power to connect and prosper.

Pets are perfect companions; however we still need one another to bounce ideas off of, learn what is working in other markets and spread the word about each other's business.

   Women In The Pet Industry Network has a clear mission:
   GROWING – through information and collaboration;
   GIVING – since the sharing of ideas helps both the giver and receiver;
   CONNECTING – to other pet professionals, the media and public.