WITWA is a Perth based, not for profit organisation providing a framework for women in Technology to extend their network and expand their knowledge on a broad range of professional topics. We endorse open conversation and debate. New faces are always welcome.

Our members - both women and men - encourage youth and women to choose technology-based careers. Our main agenda is to persuade young people of both sexes to consider technology as a stimulating and viable profession and support them in that pursuit. Additionally, we want to raise the status of women in Australian business and in the technology industries.

WITWA is interested in promoting technology careers to youth and, specifically, to girls. As fewer students are selecting technology for their tertiary studies, we feel it is vital to educate and support young people about the opportunities available to them. It’s not easy. Tech-savvy youth no longer consider technology as a career option. Therefore, we run a careers showcase called Go Girl, Go for IT. Recently, WITWA adopted an initiative to reach children in rural and “at risk” communities of WA. techtrails will be conducted throughout Western Australia and operate as an educational incursion for high school students.