We are a movement intending to bring people, in particular, women, of all ages and ethnicities together through a series of street performances, which will focus on issues of social inequality for women.  Such topics may include women in religion, advertisement, entertainment, street harassment, rape, domestic violence, social issues and more. Our movement intends to combine performance art and activism to inspire others, raise awareness, and make a change.  Our performances are mainly silent, minimalistic, provocative and within the lawful boundaries of NYC.  
Anyone may join our group Pro Bono.  Our staff prefers to work with the activists/performers before an event, so that it is organized and successful.  We will have about 1 event per month to start and will hopefully be able to organize more as time goes on.  We also have weekly meetings for new people and anyone who wants to discuss feminist topics.  
On our website we have our FB page linked to the news feed where members post articles relating to female inequality.  
As we grow, we hope to become more involved in the feminist community of NYC and involve ourselves in more rallies and performances.