WomenWhoRunIt.com is an independently run website and inbox magazine advocating, transforming and empowering the uniqueness of today’s “alpha woman”: a woman who is driving herself up to the top of her chosen field, juggling and sacrificing traditional life balance and yet who still wants to learn to live and love on her terms.

Our mission is to supply the tools, information and connections (and sometimes the ‘magic chuckle’) that can give alpha women around the world the ability to lead a healthy, wealthy, fit and fun lifestyle. We recognize that we need to to create a community where alpha women from all over the world come together in support and celebration of each other knowing that we are cut from the same cloth and driven by our goals.That we aren’t ball busters (!) but a Babe In Total Control Of Herself (BITCH).

Working women will have more influence on what our world will look like in the future than any other single group of people. We are used to solving the problems of corporations, charities, families, yet often our relationship with self and loved ones suffer and the price is high.

Whether you are looking “for a man with bigger balls than you have”, how to fight (and win) the battle of the ‘bulge’, how to invest your wealth, why cross-fit or competitive salsa dancing might fit your drive to better yourself or how to finally clear your ex out of your life, our role is to cajole, pamper, suggest, advocate, offer, mandate and always advocate for the pieces of the puzzle that provide you with your best life. You can’t just work – you need a life!

Please join us in this movement to lead the life you have always dreamed of, the life that is your birthright and that you know you can create.

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