Sola Dawkins (Founder) took a snapshot of her life, and asked herself the question ‘If this were the end of her life, would she be happy with what she had achieved’.
The problem that Sola encountered with the snapshot, was it did not show her many dreams, goals and aspirations. At this point she decided if she didn’t make some sure decisions now, her life would be full of unfulfilled dreams goals and aspirations. In sharing this with other like minded women, she soon realised how much potential was locked inside of them. Many were unfulfilled and had become a part of the rat race and realised that if they continued as they were, year after year, life would pass them by.

Our Purpose For Women is to Inspire, Empower and Facilitate women to realise their full potential, to live a fulfilled purposeful life. We Believe Our purpose is to provide ourselves with opportunities and to respond. .
Our Vision is to build a dynamic team of Women who have a heart for women, a passion for defining your purpose, and a hunger to aspire. This team, will impact their friends, family workplace and community. Our goal is for every woman who comes into contact with Women With a Purpose will find their Purpose.
Our Mission is to host regular events to provide a non inhibiting platform for women. To provide the necessary tools, to allow Women to draw towards the realisation of their goals and dreams. We will also facilitate special programs to confront those hidden fears and feelings of inadequacy, providing a platform for those inhibitions to be expressed in a safe environment. Providing a platform that would support and encourage women to find above all happiness, joy, laughter and peace in their lives.
Our Commitment is to use our gifts, talents and abilities to bring about Purpose in the lives in all who come to us. To provide a platform for Women to strive to meet those desires and to maintain our underlying theme of bringing hope and encouragement.

About Sola Dawkins
*Inspirational Speaker *Motivator *Business Mentor*

Sola Dawkins is a Mentor, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, Events organiser and founder of Women With a Purpose and Purpose Solutions. A dynamic visionary and woman of faith, she believes nothing is impossible. Her vision is to see women of every calibre find their purpose and live it, a vision that is already transforming lives! Sola like many others was trudging along in life, often searching but not sure what for. She had the desire to achieve, but could only see the possible failures not the inevitable successes. In 2005 Sola decided to respond to the inner pulling she had so long ignored and found what she was looking for.

Sola’s vision is unique, as she seeks to bring about healing, restoration, wholeness, reality and self-esteem as she encourages and challenges us to live purpose-filled lives. Sola is a very 'real’ and honest person, who has learnt to expose herself in her work to others. Her nuggets of inspiration encourage individuals to open the
door to a wealth of opportunity for lives to be enriched.

We aim to enable you to grow, possibly re-discover forgotten dreams, and create more value, wholeness, abundance and peace in your lives. We believe everyone has a purpose we seek to ensure you find yours.
Sola Dawkins has been Mentoring for over five years, bringing about change, empowerment, fulfilment and Purpose. She has over 18 Years Financial Experience. She has also Studied in Various Approaches of Counselling, including studying at Westminster Pastoral Foundation (WPF). With over 15 years business experience, currently a successful entrepreneur, herself having three businesses and is co-owner of four further businesses.
She believes in being direct, informative, inspiring and participative. She challenges values and beliefs that are no longer serving the individual or organisation so that a new set of beliefs and behaviour can evolve. Her areas of expertise are as Keynote Speaker, Presentational Skills, Motivation Skills, Relationships, Women's Empowerment, Young Women's Empowerment and Business.

Women With a Purpose ….Making an Impact....One life at a time.

We believe once you embark on the journey of Purpose, you will not have to look back on life with disappointment. I am sure we have convinced you that you were made on Purpose. You are not an accident. Nothing is happy until it finds the purpose.