Woofs and Books strives to help children and animals through reading.

Woofs and Books will rescue and provide shelter to cats, dogs, and rabbits; ensure they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered; and provide training for the dogs.  Once the dogs are trained, Woofs and Books will visit schools and libraries surrounding Indianapolis, IN to facilitate reading/literacy sessions with small groups of children or individuals and their new furry friend. These reading sessions are free.

Children who are shy, lack self-confidence, or have difficulty verbally communicating benefit the most from the sessions. When the child reads aloud to his/her attentive, non-critical, furry audience, the child is less stressed, is not afraid to make reading mistakes, and begins to enjoy reading.

Woofs and Books will primarily work with children ranging in age from 5 to 12-years-old.  During these reading sessions, the children are not taught how to read; instead, literacy is emphasized.

There is numerous data available detailing the benefits to the child when participating in these reading programs, such as improved:

1. grades
2. class participation
3. self-confidence
4. compassion and respect for animals

During the reading sessions, books promoting pet adoption and  responsible pet ownership will be selected.

In addition to the child benefiting from the reading sessions, the animal, previously abandoned or surrendered, will become accustomed to new environments and children, obey commands from others, and enjoy playing with different people.  All of these activities should improve the pet's chance of being adopted.

Woofs and Books is federally tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The facility is located in Noblesville, IN.

The mission of Woofs and Books is to promote pet adoption and reading by developing positive relationships between rescued animals and children.
The organization encourages children to read aloud to our rescued animals, primarily dogs, who are attentive and non-critical. By reading aloud to their furry friend, children will improve their verbal communication and increase their self-confidence.

The animals will improve their socialization skills, basic manners, and capacity to trust and love to improve their chances of being adopted.

The goals include:

   Providing a safe, happy, and comfortable home for the rescued animals
   Developing fun and loving relationships between children and the rescued animals
   Improving the children's literacy, communication and social skills
   Teaching the rescued dogs basic commands and social skills
   Educating children, parents and the community about homeless pets and responsible pet ownership
   Increasing pet adoption