The Woooh Water Company is a manufacturer of stabilized alkaline water using a unique patented technology.  It is the only alkaline water to process ordinary water without adding any chemicals, minerals, or salts.  Our process takes 48 hours.  We convert ordinary water to an alkaline state and remove any bacteria the water may contain.  The molecular structure is permanently charged with negative ions in this patented process.  The size of the water molecule is reduced improving the water's ability to hydrate.  Most alkaline water  loses its alkaline properties within a few weeks. Our water remains alkaline for a year.  In contrast to other alkaline waters, our water can be exposed to sunlight, heat, and cold without affecting the PH.   It is the only alkaline water available in flavors.

The water called "miracle water" in places like Lourdes of France and the Glaciers in Nepal is alkaline PH.  This water is attributed to many health improving characteristics.  Woooh Water is used in Japan for its health benefits.

WOOOH WATER COMPANY is planning distribution in the United States, Europe and Japan.  It will have manufacturing plants in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and on the East Coast.  Overseas manufacturing is planned for Europe.

Our water will be marketed under the Woooh Water label and private label with Joe Jackson under the Jackson Water label.  Our mission statement is to improve the health and lives of our customers.  So, all water sold will have a portion of its profit donated to the Jackson Family Museum and other deserving charities.