The Worcester 78's are a community first professional basketball organization based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Going into its second season in 2017-18 with a new team name and brand, the team plays its home games at the Boys & Girls Club of Worcester.

Through the operation of the team the 78's include local young people in its organization and leverages teachable moments into real-life, real-time learning experiences across athletics, business, management, event management, marketing and several creative and production disciplines.

The team played a partial season in its first, pilot year. Playing to a 7-4 record the team's player roster included three former NCAA Division I athletes and two former team captains from a local, top tier  Division III school, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

Another goal of the team is to do our best to assist our players to move onto other opportunities. To date, three players from the team have moved on to opportunities overseas: Spain, Germany and Israel, respectively.